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Historic Concord … what’s it all about?

Concord holds the distinction of “the shot heard round the world” and the onset of the American Revolutionary War. Need history? It’s here in Concord! Founded in 1635, Concord was the first inland settlement to become incorporated in the state of Massachusetts. Many consider Concord to be the birthplace of our nation.

The Concord Real Estate Guide points to the development of this Boston suburb – a town of nearly 20,000 people, with the town center near where the Sudbury and Assabet rivers combine to form the Concord River.

Rich in history of all kinds – including literary – a legendary community of literary giants developed here in the mid-19th century. At the center of this group was Ralph Waldo Emerson. The circle included Nathaniel Hawthorne, Louisa May Alcott, and Henry David Thoreau. Literary writing has continued to thrive in Concord with recent notable authors such as Doris Kearns Goodwin, Alan Lightman, Robert B. Parker, and Gregory Maguire all calling Concord home.

Current Concord … what to expect

The Concord Real Estate Guide finds Concord to be steeped in history, but progressive and environmentally conscious. What a gem of a city to combine it all!

The city takes the community aspect seriously with a bevy of museums, libraries, community centers, recreation centers, programs, community events, and overall business involvement. Living in Concord is easy, doing everything may be difficult!

Residents, or potential ones, will find the city government’s site extremely informative.

Some of the best museums and historic sites are right here, including Old North Bridge where that famous revolutionary war shot took place; Thoreau Farm – the birthplace of the famous author; Concord Free Public Library with oodles of great programs for all; The Concord Museum – a true national treasure with exhibits and collections about the Revolutionary War and early colonial life; cemeteries, and much more to explore.

Living Concord …

The Concord Real Estate Guide can detail information for you, but to truly live and experience Concord is the only real way to understand the pride and vibe of the city. There exists an authentic way of life here and it includes amazing schools, fine arts and theater, vibrant retail and restaurants, and abundant nature – not to mention – a fantastic compilation of all four seasons.

Only about 18 miles outside of Boston, Concord is on the Fitchburg Line of the MBTA commuter rail for a fast and easy ride into Boston. The Yankee Line commuter bus also services Concord. For personal driving, many state routes pass through town, including routes 2, 2A, 62, 126, 119, 111, and 117. Transportation infrastructure at its best.

The school system here is at the top of its game with a state of the art high school, several private school offerings, exceptional testing outcomes, and higher education galore within reach. The public school district has a solid and sure strategic plan.

All community members – residents, businesses, schools, services – take seriously the history and preservation of both history and the environment. The Concord Real Estate Guide favors the following nature spots in/near Concord:

Walden Pond is a 62-acre clear water pond, formed by glaciers over 10,000 years ago. Walk, boat, swim, and enjoy this idyllic setting.

Minute Man National Historic Park where nature and history unite!

Great Meadows National Wildlife Refuge is for wildlife observation, hunting, fishing, and serenity. Conservation land, trails, and nature sounds abound.

Bruce Freeman Rail Trail passes through Concord for walking, biking, rollerblading, etc.

Concord – more great things to know!

Your Concord Real Estate Guide is amped to tell you all the offerings of the town – there is just so much scenic beauty, historic detail, events happening, community involvement, education, you name it – it is here in Concord!!

Fun Fact – the concord grape was developed by Ephraim Wales Bull here in the 19th century. This led to Welch’s (yes, the grape juice brand) buying in and staying here for their corporate headquarters!

Just outside Boston, yes, there exists the cost-of-living index and it is higher than the national average – coming in around 195 – mainly due to housing costs where the median house is at upper $800K. Lots of housing styles here, typical New England Colonials along with Victorians, estates, and more.

Shopping options flourish in the Concord area with local artisans, antiques, boutiques, outlets, and mainstream stores all nearby. If you want it, you can find it!

What kinds of Concord Real Estate Guide forgets to mention favorite eateries? Here are some top choices: 80 Thoreau; Papa Razzi; Helen’s Restaurant; The Colonial Inn; Chang An

Let’s talk about your real estate needs and find a home for you in Concord, and thank you for reading the Concord Real Estate Guide!

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